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  1. Laboratory Professional Salary Still Low.

    There is a shortage of laboratory professionals. It will take some time before there is real need for us. As of now hospitals are pushing for turn around times, how fast you can result the sample once it gets in the laboratory. While staff is short, management still pushes this and if not met, it will be frowned upon.
    So basically work is getting done with a short staff. As long as this progresses there will ...
  2. Higher Education for Medical Technologist MHA

    When does a MT decide that bench work is enough. Its never too late. There is a Masters for MT's, if this is the road that fits. MHA Program - Master of Health Administration Degree. This could set up for a supervisor / management position. But dont get it wrong there is nothing wrong being on the bench as for a career. There is a online program that I might self consider at Saint josephs College Online because the tuition cost is doable while working full time.

    Link here or above:
  3. MSKCC lab is the best place to work in NYC.

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